Marie Curie : An amazing woman

In 1920, in Warsaw – Poland, a really important person, who would revolutionize the sciences, was born, specifically chemistry and physics. Her name was Marie Curie, a woman who earned a great distinction of being the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first scientist to earn two Nobel Prizes in two different scientific fields.

Marie Curie had a great passion for science since she was a child. She had a lot of problems since, pursuing a career in science as a woman, carried a considerable stigma at that time. However, she never gave up. She persisted with adversities and eventually signed up at the Sorbonne University in Paris, where she decided she would study physics and chemistry.

She met her husband, Pierre Curie, in 1894, who had the same interest in science.

They decided to work together and focused their attention on the phenomenon of radioactivity, a term they coined to describe an emission of radiation from certain elements. Furthermore, they led careful experimentation and scientific research and discovered two new radioactive elements, Polonium, named after Marie’s country, and Radium.

It was a great time for science and their discovery was not ignored. In 1903, she became the first woman to win a Physics Nobel Prize, an exceptional achievement shared with her husband and the physicist Henri Becquerel. Then, another amazing event happened. She received a second Nobel Prize, this time in Chemistry, due to her achievement in isolating the elements Radium and Polonium.

Although she faced a lot of personal and professional challenges throughout her life, including the devastating loss of her husband in a laboratory accident. Marie was persistent, and she continued working in her field, making significant contributions to science until her death in 1934.

The legacy of Curie’s work is undeniable. Her perseverance, curiosity and scientific discoveries contributed not only to our understanding of the natural world but to humanity’s will to discover new features about our world, becoming a source of inspiration for generations of scientists and people interested in science and technology.

by Mr. Diego Ubaque


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  • Daniel

    This wonderful story teaches us abut how perseverance and determination is one oh the most important tools we can use for our lives, Madam Curie is a great exaple for that, without her perseverance she had not been able to achieve those things.

    This also tell us about how important is to make all the things to reach our pursuits, without paying attention to the others. Marie Curie was a woman who revolutionized the world in her period of time not only in science areas; but in how the women were taken into account.

  • Ana

    It was a great story of part of science. This woman helped with her knowledge and succeded to be recognized. Still in that period of time when it was difficult for her to study, she had the determination and certainty to continue with her goals . It was an advance in this field and It was inspirational and encouraging to the rest of the women.

  • Mauricio Rondón

    Marie Curie is undoubtedly a reference, not only for science, but also for the women. Taking into account that science was a field permeated by men and despite this, she managed, not only to join, but also to be prominent in the areas of chemistry and physics.

    Of course, being the first to discover elements such as Polonium and Radium, their radioactive power and the characteristics of these elements, she never knew how harmful they were, this is how she met her death.

  • Marie Debal

    I really enjoyed this post, especially the part about her personal and professional challenges throughout her life. Her ability to keep going despite setbacks, failures, and obstacles shows a growing mindset. Determination to stick with something until you achieve your desired outcome is very important in today’s world where people abandon things quickly.

    P.S. By the way, she is my namesake.

    • Vanesa

      Marie curie is one of the most incredible and important women of all the time and a role model for all women, Marie Curie became a symbol of female empowerment because at that time women were not heard, they did not go to the university and the didnt win nobel prizes either. Besides, she transformed sciencie creating radioctivity and different compounds from the periodic table; she made, important discoveries for the medicine.
      I thinks is a greats symbol for all women and the sciencie.

  • Sarah

    Marie Curie is an example of perseverance and thanks to her we had a very great scientific advancement, she made her mark in history by being the first woman to win two Nobel Prizes and exposed her self to discover something new

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